I have three boys. A toddler and twins. Yep, its a game changer.

A bit about me: My name is Katherine and I live in Minnesota with my husband Ryan. I am from California, born and raised in Los Angeles, and met my husband there in 2006. After dating four years, we decided to make the jump to move to the midwest where Ryan’s family is, and we felt, a better way of life for us to raise our future children.

We got married in 2010 and enjoyed our next few years as a couple before deciding it was “time”. We got pregnant really fast which was a surprise and very awesome and August 2013, our sweet boy Ian arrived.

What a lifestyle change that was. We loved being parents but giving up that freedom to just go out whenever we wanted, to sleep in and to just have our private time – wow. Adjusting to this little adorable creature was a challenge. We loved our little man but we recognized that this was probably this biggest test on our own relationship due to the lack of sleep and loss of our private time, but with a lot of communication and keeping it real, we would recognize when we were getting stressed and snapping and would take a step back, talk about it and figure out how we could make each other happy, whether it was giving Ryan extra time to write (Did I mention he is an amazing writer?) or me time to exercise and most importantly having DATE NIGHTS. Those are the most important thing to have for any parents! I cant stress that enough. A happy relationship makes for an easier time raising a baby that’s for sure.

When Ian was two we decided we were ready to get back on the procreation wagon. We had discussed how many kids we wanted and we had pretty much agreed that 3 seemed like a good sized family for us and was most likely the number we would be going for. So the clock was ticking (the biological clock that is) since I was 29 and we wanted to have at least two more. My only stipulation was that I wanted to turn 30 first and have a big party in Vegas before getting pregnant again. What can I say, I have my priorities straight.

After enjoying ourselves immensely all of 2012, including some parent getaways, me flying out to Vegas to meet my close girlfriends on my 30th and Ryan having some guy trips, we were now officially ready to get preagnant again.

Amazingly, it happened very quickly for us again. We started trying in January and I missed my period in February, exactly like Ian. Was this baby going to share his birthday? Hmmmm….maybe they would have but actually most likely not just because Ian was born early at 33 weeks due to IUGR. I will post about that separately I hope sometime soon.

Before trying for our next pregnancy I had talked to my OBGYN and our doctor thought that our next pregnancy would most likely be normal and that the complications that occurred with Ian were probably just a fluke. I had a random clot in my placenta that they discovered after birth. Ian was delivered early because he was small for gestation and they thought he would grow better on the outside, he was born 2.12lbs but perfectly healthy. After being in the Special Care Nursery for two and a half weeks, he was able ot come home weighing a whopping 3.5lbs!. Again more on that in another post, cause boy, was that intense.

My OBGYN did want me to come in for extra monitoring though just so we can keep an eye on things so we went in for an early ultrasound when I was 6 weeks pregnant. And lucky for us we did because that’s when the bombshell dropped.

We were having Twins. Boom.

10 weeks later when I was 16 weeks pregnant we found out they were both boys. Double Boom.

And now here we are, Mom of a toddler boy and twin boys. I think we are in for a ride.

Ive decided to write about whatever I like in regards to being a mom, being a mom of twins, and being a mom of three boys and being a wife. There will also be random posts about family, fun things to do, tips and tricks, questions for any one who happens upon my blog etc.

Come join me on this adventure.