8 and 9 Months Old 

I never got around to posting Month 8 so I am doing 8 and 9 together. 
Both boys started sitting up independently about a month ago. Dylan started crawling just a week ago. I knew he was going to be first! He is already trying to pull up on everything as well. Leo will sit in the same spot for a good 30 minutes observing everything and looking at his different toys. Dylan is all over the place and does not really sit still. 
The twins are so much fun to be with and Ian really gets a kick out of them. When I walk around with all three in our stroller, Ian will spend his time playing peek a boo, singing them songs and trying to make them laugh. The twins love it and think he is the coolest. It makes my heart melt. 
We are loving summer and spend our days at the neighborhood parks meeting up with Ian’s buddies for play dates. The twins like swinging in the swings and also love to sit in the sand and feel it on their toes and hands. This does involve some sand eating which I try to intervene here and there but some makes it in the mouth. 😂 We’ve also hit up the wading pool a few times. The twins love it, especially Leo. He will just relax in his floatie as if he’s sunbathing. I’ve never seen a baby as relaxed as he can be. It boggles my mind. Dylan meanwhile is splashing all over the place and just having a ball. Of course, than Ian got jealous and wanted his own floatie and I ended up letting him use Dylan’s. I learned my lesson and realized we need three floaties, one for each of them. 😂
The twins are pounding down the solids and are eating three small meals a day along with nursing. That’s a whole lot of eating which shows in their size. They are both wearing 12 month old clothes. 
Nights are still good for the most part. Every few nights Dylan can be a stinker but it happens a lot less frequently so I’ll count it as a win. I’d like to lose the one feeding they have in the early morning and push it out to 7 or 8am so we may work on that this month. We’ll see. 
I think that covers it! 


Author: twinsandatoddler

Stay at home mom to newborn twins and a toddler in Minneapolis, MN

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