3 Month Old Twins

The boys’ personalities are really starting to shine through now. Dylan is very passionate which is what we were suspecting from the beginning. When he is happy his whole face shines, and boy when he is mad, he is MAD. 😂 Leo continues to be Mr. Chill and likes to lounge back and take it all in. He is smiling more now and it’s the cutest!

Both boys love getting into a cooing conversation. If I coo at them they coo back with big smiles on their face.

They are getting really strong and seem to enjoy tummy time. When Dylan is on his back, he kicks up so high that he rolls to his side. I feel like that is early for 3 months!

They are growing so fast and will soon be moving into 6-month onsies. I love their cute rolls! So different from their big brother Ian when he was a baby!

Sleep-wise they have one 6-hour stretch between feedings so generally they eat at 2am and at 6am. I’m hoping this next month eliminates one feeding and then the month after to be down to zero feedings at night. We’ll see how that goes! One can hope! 😝🙏

Oh, and side-note Leo still has dirty blond hair and blue eyes. I am so surprised. I thought that both would have darkened by now. The Irish genes seem to be winning out with him!

Month 4 here we come!


Author: twinsandatoddler

Stay at home mom to newborn twins and a toddler in Minneapolis, MN

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