2 Month Old Twins

The twins are 2-months now! Whoa. How did that come so quickly?! Every day when I look at these two sweet boys I get such a feeling of amazement and love. I still can’t believe Ryan and I were so lucky to be blessed with twins. It’s two months now and still, I am surprised.

Both boys are continuing to grow so big and are getting adorable rolls all over. Especially Leo. That boy loves to chug his milk, which then causes the inevitable spit up of milk afterwards. Ha ha. Leo is now 9.14 lbs. He was born 5.4 lbs. Dylan is 9.3 lbs. He was born 5.12 lbs.

Dylan continues to break out with big smiles. Leo is a little more conservative with his smiles but man, is he a chill dude. He will just sit back and relax while Dylan darts his eyes around and tries to make sure doesn’t miss anything. It’s the cutest thing watching these two and seeing how they respond.

Let’s see what month 3 brings!



Author: twinsandatoddler

Stay at home mom to newborn twins and a toddler in Minneapolis, MN

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