1 Month Old Twins

(This was written when the twins were a month old but posted here at a later date)
I can’t believe the twins are already 1-month old! Time flies.

Both boys are doing great. I have them on the same feeding schedule which makes life more manageable for me. Tandem nursing is no walk in the park but after four weeks of practice I feel like a pro. Its always easier to breastfeed them when I have someone helping because then the babies are handed to me after I am all set up on the couch with my twinz breastfeeding pillow. But when I am home by myself, which happened after only two weeks, I have a great system going. I prop on baby on the couch far from the edge so there is no danger of rolling off. Then I sit down with my twinz pillow while holding the other twin. I lay the baby Im holding down on my right side, in the football hold, then reach over (while keeping the baby with me stable) and grab the other baby and prop him on my left side. Then I get one to latch (whoever is the most fussy first) and then get the other to latch and away they go! I am surprised at how well these two eat. They are very efficient eaters! They are done eating after only 10 minutes, sometimes less! At first I kept burping them and trying to get them to eat more but they would be done and just spit up on me, so finally I realized, yeah, they just eat really fast and they are full so stop trying to feed them. They continued to have lots of poops and pees and have developed nice fat rolls all over.

This is so different from my firstborn, Ian. Ian was the slowest eater and would take up to 45 minutes to an hour to eat and then I would have to do it all over again an hour later. I was pretty much always on the couch with him. Of course, this was also due to him being a preemie and being way underweight and so small. We had to feed him every two hours for months whereas with these twins I feed them every three hours and it seems like a walk in the park! I guess having Ian first really prepared me! Definitely grateful for that.

My husband and I have been watching the personalities of the two little guys. Dylan seems to have a more aggressive (i.e., angry) cry while Leo’s seems more sensitive. Does this mean Dylan will be more aggressive in life and Leo the sensitive one? Ha ha who knows. It’s just so amazing to watch them and see their little differences.

Dylan has these eyes that are very curious and searching. Leo is a snorter and likes to grunt when he eats. It’s cuter than it sounds. Both are cuddlers (of course).

Right now they sleep a lot and have about 20-minutes twice a day of active awake time. They are starting to smile a little bit and their eyes turn to me when I speak. When they are on their tummy Leo can lift his head a little to turn it and Dylan kind of just squirms around. Leo can also almost turn to the side which is impressive.

Can’t wait to see how these two grow in Month 2!


Author: twinsandatoddler

Stay at home mom to newborn twins and a toddler in Minneapolis, MN

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