First Day Home with our Twins and Toddler

Our first day was so exciting. We had been looking forward to it for so long and the day had finally arrived!

After the twins were in NICU for five long days, we were finally discharged from the hospital a week after the twins were born. It felt so good to be taking them home!  We arrived home at noon with just the twins. Our 3-year old son Ian was with Ryan’s brother Mike and his wife Julie. He had been staying with them during our stay at the hospital. We were so grateful to them for taking care of him and Ian had so much fun with his three cousins. Mike and Julie planned to bring him home later in the afternoon so we could get settled at home first. I was glad we chose to do that.

Our first few hours at home were so peaceful and sweet and we were able to get the babies settled in before our whirlwind toddler came home. We also got to try out how I would tandem breastfeed at home since when we did it at the hospital I had a nurse helping me with handing me the baby. Luckily, I was able to do it by using the couch. I would lay one baby in the corner of the couch (far from the edge) and then hold one baby and sit down with the twin z pillow around me and then prop the baby I was holding on the pillow football style and then lean over and grab the other twin and put him to my other breast also football style and it worked great! Phew! I will describe more in depth how tandem breastfeeding went in another article soon.

Mike and Julie arrived with Ian and their kids around 3:00. Everyone was so excited to see the twins and hold them including our little nieces and our nephew. After an hour Mike and Julie headed home and we got settled into our first day at home with all three boys.

Ian was so happy and didn’t seem at all jealous that there were two new additions to our family. He was almost too excited and kept wanted to push them in the mechanical swings hard, or squeeze them. But we kept reminding him to be gentle and he would adjust and be a little less rough. It was so heartwarming to see how much he cared for his little brothers.

The rest of the day went well with dinner and then Ian was put to bed by Ryan. We have a two-story home with the bedrooms all being upstairs so we decided it would be easier to have the twins just stay downstairs through the night so that we wouldn’t be keeping Ian up. We had the bassinet already set up in the living room as well as a pack n’ play that had a changer attached. I had loaded up the pack n’ play with clothes, diapers and wipes so that we wouldn’t have to continually trek upstairs every time we needed to change a diaper or an outfit.

That night Ryan and I each took shifts so we could grab four hours of unbroken sleep each.The babies eat on a schedule of every two and half to three hours so we just timed it so Ryan would just do one feeding by bottle using breastmilk I had pumped. This worked well though I didn’t quite get the full four hours because I ended up coming downstairs when I heard both babies wailing. Ryan had it under control but when it’s your babies you can’t help but be there anyways, so I helped him get them settled with changing them and propping them up on the twin z pillow for their bottles. Once they were settled I went back up to bed.

When I was with the babies that night I was planning to sleep on the couch when they slept so I would end up with at least 6 hours of broken sleep total but Leo is a squirmy one and needed a pacifier often and to be rocked a bit so naps just didn’t happen. I ended up watching a lot of old Survivor and Ryan got a lot of writing done on his book which he was very happy about.

In the morning, we both felt wonderful and very accomplished. We had gotten through the first day and it went surprisingly well! No freaks out by any of the kids (or adults) and we didn’t feel crazy tired. It could have been that we were still on adrenaline but I can say now, four months later writing about this, that we did genuinely feel great about it all and that the feeling has stayed. The only thing that was a little hiccup was that the babies went through a ton of outfits. They kept leaking through their diapers! We couldn’t tell if we didn’t know how to put on a diaper any more or what. Eventually after a few days we got it down and there was less leakage happening. Success!


Author: twinsandatoddler

Stay at home mom to newborn twins and a toddler in Minneapolis, MN

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