When We Found Out We Were Having Twins

My husband and I decided mid-2015 that January 2016 we would be ready to start trying for our second baby. Ian, our firstborn, turned 3 in August and we felt it was time especially since we wanted to have at least three kids. We made good use of 2016 and had lots of dates and parent getaways so when we had the second child we would be ready to be cooped at home for the next couple years following.

We got pregnant very quickly again, just like how it was with Ian. We were ecstatic. I let my OB know since our first pregnancy had had complications. He wanted me to come in at 6 weeks to get an ultrasound just to make sure all was well.

Ryan and I walked in excited to see our little baby and listen to his heartbeat. Little did we know that there would be TWO BABIES!

The ultrasound lady broke the news to us in the strangest way: She had me all set up with the wand up my you-know-what and then she pointed out on the screen. “Okay, so here is Sac A. The heartbeat looks good and strong. Sac B also looks good and the heartbeat also is strong.”.

What? What is Sac A and Sac B? What is she talking about? I looked at Ryan. I looked at the ultrasound lady. She kept on talking and going through measurements of the amniotic fluid or something.

“Wait, what do you mean Sac A and Sac B?” I asked.

“You’re having twins.” The ultrasound lady told us calmly. And continued her measurements.

Me: “Ha ha, you’re joking right?”

Ultrasound lady: No.

Me: So there are TWO heartbeats.

Ultrasound lady: Yes.


Ryan and I stared at each other.

Me: How did this happen?!

Pregnant pause (pun intended) as we all know what happened.

Me: But I don’t have twins in my family. Do you? I asked Ryan.

Ryan: No, not that I know of.

Ultrasound Lady: Oh these twins are fraternal which means its passed through the mother’s side. You don’t have anyone in your family that has twins?

Me: No! Well, wait… I guess I have a cousin who has fraternal twins. But that’s one cousin out of 30!

By that time the ultrasound lady had realized that we were shocked (although why she thought we wouldn’t be is beyond me). She took a break on her measurements so we could take it in.

Ryan and I talked about it more and then Ryan all of a sudden said, oh god I need to sit down. The ultrasound lady hurried and guided Ryan to a chair. He sat down with his head between his knees. “I literally feel like Im going to faint.”

I felt better knowing that Ryan was definitely on my level right now with being beyond shocked.
After we had calmed down some. The ultrasound lady continued on and finished all the measurements and said all looked good and healthy.

Ryan and I walked out of the ultrasound office and stared at each other. TWINS…

What a life changer. We got home and looked at our new house that we bought a year ago and saw how small it was. We cant fit twins in here! Our cars. This wont work! My job. Say goodby to that!

It actually was like we won the lottery. We bought a beautiful new home when I was 6 months pregnant, in the perfect neighborhood with plenty of room for three boys (yes, all boys!) to grow up in. We also bought a new mini-van and I told my job I would not be returning after birth. And the best part of all – we always wanted three kids and now we had them. No third pregnancy needed! All-in-all not too shabby! Plus, of course we had two adorable babies at the same time. How cool is that?


Author: twinsandatoddler

Stay at home mom to newborn twins and a toddler in Minneapolis, MN

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